AGRANA in Bulgaria

About Us

AGRANA Bulgaria EAD is a member of  AGRANA Group, one of the biggest sugar producer in Europe. As a member of a global corporation, we draw upon the many years of our experience gained in Bulgaria and that of our sister companies in international markets. This enables us to respond quickly and accommodate rapidly changing market trends and customer needs.

Production site

The main activity of the company is sugar distribution. AGRANA is one of the most important sugar supplier for the confectionary, soft drink industry and the international retailing

White sugar, sold under the well-known Zahira brand which has been appreciated by Bulgarian consumers for 5 years now, is the Company’s flagship product. 

Our company offers a wide range of sugar products for retail and industrial markets.




AGRANA entered Bulgarian market in the beginning of 2007 and AGRANA Bulgaria AD was established as a joint venture company between AGRANA Vienna and Zaharni Zavodi AD, G. Oryahovitza.


Since 2009 AGRANA Bulgaria EAD operates solely on the Bulgarian market as a subsidiary of AGRANA Zucker GmbH – Austria. As a trading company it distributes professionally sugar, B2B products for the confectionary industry (fondants, etc.), bee feed products (Apifonda) and is also an exclusive importer of AGRANA Group products for the territory of Bulgaria (Wiener Zucker). The Company starts to launch its own sugar brand ZAHIRA in the retail sector.


The Company strategically finds its place on the market as it increases its presence in the retail sector as well as in the industrial sugar segment.


AGRANA Bulgaria positions itself as the dominant leader in the sugar retail and preferred partner in the sugar industry. ZAHIRA sugar becomes the most recognized sugar brand on the market and symbol of a high quality. As a stable partner AGRANA Bulgaria was selected as a sole supplier of sugar to the Red Cross centers in the country that were implementing a European charity program.


At AGRANA, we all share one vision - to be the world quality leader in refining agricultural raw materials into sugar, starch and processed fruits. Our passion for quality and efficiency makes AGRANA the natural choice of food companies and for technical applications worldwide.



AGRANA Bulgaria EAD offers a wide range of high quality products and services in order to meet daily needs of its clients. 

AGRANA Bulgaria EAD permanently invests in the improvement of the professional qualification of its clients. 

All products offered by AGRANA Bulgaria EAD are produced according to the highest standards of quality control in the food production industry.


Customer Service

We provide our customers with the following:

  • Professional service
  • An Individual approach to each client
  • Safe deliveries